As humans, people get tired on a daily basis. A good night's sleep has always been the best solution, but not everyone has the time.

How does an individual energize his body when he's feeling tired? Here are the steps:

  1. Drink water - it does not only help in boosting the energy, but it keeps someone hydrated. Or better, drink an iced-cold one to invigorate
  2. Eat energy-releasing food and fruits - a banana contains protein, which releases energy over a long period of time.
  3. Wash cold water over the face - just like drinking an iced-cold water, washing it over the face refreshes the sluggish feeling
  4. Get active - getting active doesn't mean overly involving in intense physical activities, but, a 15-30 minute stretching exercise helps to fire up the inactive neurons inside the body
  5. Breathe deeply - this allows the body restore mental and emotional alertness
  6. Pour cold water over the wrist - pour water over each wrist, preferably cold, to get the blood circulating
  7. Take power naps - though the busy people may not have enough time to get an 8-hour sleep, power naps (15-20 minutes) have been proven to energize the body even if someone hasn't completely fallen asleep.
  8. Take a twenty-minute walk - Getting some fresh air and moving the body makes an individual energized
  9. Listen to pump-up music or favorite songsit sets the mood and awakens the mind
  10. Take short breaks every 60-90 minutes - resting the mind prevents an individual from feeling burned-out. It's also great for the eyes to turn away from the computer, for instance.

It has always been beneficial to take these tips in energizing the body and mind. Be happy, take a box of chocolates, but a person must not do anything dangerous that can lead to injuries.